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Monday, March 28, 2011

Deluge of Project Documentation

I have heard of projects where a huge number of project documentation is required. The number of project binders sits proudly on desks and shelves, exuding the aura of importance and completeness.

I have found that nothing can be further from the truth. Many of these documentation took a long time to create, edit and review...and never used again. What a waste of effort and time, time that could be have been put to better use.

However, I do agree that documentation is required. There has to be a balance as to what is essentially required, what is nice to have. Those that are essential to the project will always be referenced, used, corrected, modified to reflect the project's current status.

Documentation should be used as a means to record critical decision points, important design elements and motivation behind the through process.

I do not recommend going overboard with documentation. A careful selection of project documentation will serve the project well during its formative stages, through its operational phases and till it is retired from operation. Add in additional documentation only as needed to serve a critical specific purpose that can be used throughout the project's lifecycle.

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