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Friday, August 08, 2008

Happy Birthday Singapore!

Tomorrow 9 Aug 2008 is Singapore's 43rd year of independence. I had the opportunity to attend a preview parade a few weeks ago as the hard working parade participants went through their dress rehearsals in preparation for the big day tomorrow. I must say that I am impressed with the organization.

Do you have any idea the amount of planning and coordination that is required for such a parade to go on like clockwork? Timing for the parachuters, F-15 jet acrobatics, parade contingent and fireworks is precision work. There wasn't a dull moment.

This is done on a large scale and the parade will be televised throughout Asia through Channel News Asia.

This has effectiveness written all over. Every individual needed to know the grand plan, his team's plan and his own personal plan for this parade to function with such precision. Moreover, planning on paper put into...ACTION! Were there mistakes? I'm sure there were. The team must have worked hard to change their strategy and actions to meet the overall parade goals.

Isn't this what we should also strive for? If we plan and take action in our daily lives, how much of our life will move in the direction we want. And we change our actions if things do not go according to plan and take action again and again.

I've posted a few pics for your enjoyment. Take this time to take one of your goals and write down three action items that you will execute in the next 24 hours. Do it now and feel the power of goals. Goals without taking action is only a dream that will lead to regrets and "If only..." syndrome.

"Parachuters landing with precision on a thin strip of tarmac"

"Parade formed up and ready!"

"Marching in of the regimental colours." Very impressive march in.

"Fly-by of Singapore's national flag". The flag is huge and it requires weights at the bottom of it to stabilize it while the Chinooks fly it past the audience.

"Audience simply enjoying themselves"

I wasn't able to capture the night fireworks that were spectacular.

This wasn't an easy celebration to organize and execute. My kudos to the organizing team and all participants who put in so much effort to make this show a huge success, despite the heavy downpour and sacrificing so much time every week in practice. Thank You!

All things require planning. All plans must be executed by taking action to have any impact. Don't be passive goal setter. Go and get what you want and what you are worth. Take one action at a time.

...and once again...Happy Birthday Singapore! Happy holidays to all in Singapore.


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