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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Rescue a failing software project?

 Can a failing software project really be rescued?

The answer is YES...with a few qualifications.
Can a failing software project be rescued in the traditional sense? No.

Let me explain.

The word "rescue" is vague. It carries a lot of different expectations and perceptions. To some, "rescue" means saving the project so that it can complete its original objective, on time, on budget. To others, "rescue" means completing the project. Other opinions refer "rescue" to "mercifully" terminating the project.

So you see, rescuing or saving a project is very possible, depending on definition and expectations. But all this is a play on words.

The real question is whether a failing software project can be saved such that the project completes its original objectives and make an attempt to be on time and within the stipulated budget. My honest answer and experience is that sometimes it is possible, at other times it is impossible.

Why impossible?

For example, if a building were built on an extremely weak foundation, or the building plans were drawn out with major defects, the building will be deemed as unsafe and will probably have to be torn down where rectification works will not suffice.

Likewise with software projects. In fact, besides the technical aspects, the more important aspects are expectations of timeline, cost, ego,  and pride. If a failing software project were to be rescued, it has to be looked at from the technical, timeline and cost aspect. If there is too much ego, pride and politics involved, the rescue will never succeed. Maybe it was these softer issues that caused the project failure in the first place.

My humble opinion.

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Anonymous said...

You own a great talent of writing.Good Luck and keep going.And yes i have digg your site .

Bernard Ong said...

Thank you very much for your encouragement. Appreciate it. I hope my thoughts and writings have been interesting and useful to you.