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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Effective change, now more than ever

The economic turmoil happening in the U.S and other parts of the world is truly saddening. I read about bank writedowns, mounting job losses almost on a daily basis. I think of those who lost their jobs and what is to become of their livelihood, their families and their way of life? My heart goes out to them and their families.

Things change. Change is constant. There is no such thing as an "iron rice bowl", or a "guaranteed lifetime job". THere is a need to continually upgrade ourselves to stay relevant. In fact, we need to stay more than simply relevant. We need to be able to add so much value to the organization we work for. If we own our own business, we need to add that much more value to our business for the benefit of our customers.

Effective change is needed. This is where goals play an important role. Every individuals goals add up to meet a greater goal, be it the organization or family goals. If we continue drifting in life, the world will pass us by. The world waits for no one. Its survival of the fittest.

Every step we make towards our goals helps us prepare for the future. We need to train ourselves mentally, physically and spiritually to be resilient in good times and in troubled times.

Effective change doesn't guarantee job security. Effective change enhances resilience, tenacity, perseverance. All qualities necessary to push on when times are tough.

As Rocky said in the movie "Rocky":

"Its not about how hard you hit. Its about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward" (See my earlier post on the video clip)

If I recall correctly Michael Jackson's song "Man in the Mirror", the lyrics say "Make that change". It starts with the man in the mirror. The world doesn't change for you. You are all powerful. You have the power to change, no matter how small. You have the power to take action.

Set your goals. Visualize it.Take action now!


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