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Friday, June 06, 2008

Practice makes perfect!

We've all heard of "Practice makes perfect". Do we really believe it? To me, this was simply an overused phrase. I never paid much attention to it, until now. While goal setting is important, execution is equally important. Why do some of us achieve our goals, and many drop out half way through the race?

Its execution. Sustained execution requires tenacity and applied effort. Goal planning and execution takes practice. Yes, practice. We have to practice executing until it becomes a habit. We are all creatures of habit. When execution becomes a habit, we can accomplish many things in life. Take a look at this video clip of advanced Wing Chung practitioners doing ChiSao blindfolded.

Such advanced skill does not come from 1 day of practice or theory or reading a book. It takes years of study, assimilating concepts, putting theory into practice, getting knocked about, learning from unsuccessful experiences to be better. With each practice, sensitivity is built and the mind and body perform reflex responses like habit.

This is the same in achieving anything we want. We must form habits of success. We must form habits of executing, sustained execution. It does take effort. That is why the majority always sets goals at the beginning of the year without any sustained follow through. They wonder why they didn't achieve their goals.

What about me?

One of my goals is to sell 2 books on ebay. I've already sold 1.

Another of my goal is to write a book. I've already done the planning and begun writing. I've got about 30 A4 pages done already. I've spoken to a best selling author to understand the process of writing and publishing a book.

Another of my goal is to spend time with my family on a holiday. I'm going for a short holiday this week to do just that.

And I feel good as I execute step by little step, closer to my goals for this year.

Practice does make perfect. There is truth in that.


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