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Monday, May 21, 2007

Impatiently achieving goals

How fast do you want to achieve your goals? We go around in life and only remember life is a blur.

We always talk about taking action. Taking action is what enables us to achieve. The key phrase in the statement is "always talk". We always talk about it. How many of you really do something about it? How many really take action?

I have realised that taking action is difficult. There is always the aversion to inertia. Difficult to start. However, once started, it keeps going. There is a caveat to this. If action is taken with a small step with no follow up, the second step will not be taken. This is one reason why we do not achieve.

Another reason why taking action is difficult is due to the fact that we want results fast. To succeed in achieving a goal, it can only be done one step and a time. Each step may take a day, a week, a month, sometimes a year. When that first step is taken, we do not see the fast results we are after, and we quit. If we constantly see the end-goal in our minds, and constantly review daily, that goal will continue to be fresh in our minds and we will continue to persist in our actions.

So,when action is taken, always review at the end of each day. Look at the result with respect to the goal you are after. This is why so few of us continue to achieve goals. We need to persist with passion and stamina. This can only happen if we keep reminding ourselves of the outcome we are after and why its important.

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So, take action now, review, and take action again, and again and again. This is known as taking massive action, one small step at a time.

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