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IMG_1712 My book is finally available as an eBook, on Amazon Kindle and on Amazon. I wrote this book to share my experience in how to rescue failing software projects. When I was going through such a situation, I had no one to turn to. My hope is that the information in this book will be useful to those in similar situations. Although the information in the book pertains to software projects, I have come to realize that the techniques can be used in many other situations. I have personally used these techniques in business and technical projects.

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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Newsletter on Effectiveness

Based on feedback and traffic received, I am thinking of creating regular newsletters, provide forms for downloads (or sent through newsletter) and notification of new blog posts.

I would like to solicit feedback. Do let me know if you would like to subscribe to receive:

1. Regular Newsletters on effectiveness - sharing more details of my experiences on how I use various techniques to improve effectiveness. I have not decided if I will do this fortnightly or monthly.

2. Provide forms that I use

3. Notify you on new blog posts that I write.

Do let me know if this would interest you. All this will be free to you.


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Anonymous said...

nice blog...

Bernard Ong said...

Hi Ben
Thanks for your comment. Appreciate it. Hope it has information you are looking for too.

Anonymous said...

Yeap... alot of people have been starting up blogs on self-improvement... but yours stands out. However, I think if you were to revvamp your web design, it would look great. Doesn't have to be too fanciful, a black background with some slick features would do. Also, work on flash too. Anyway, you know you have the content.

Bernard Ong said...

Hi Ben
Thanks for your encouragement and feedback. Will take it into consideration. When I started this blog, I wanted to share my experiences in hope that it will be useful to others.

Your comments on the website design is interesting and will look into it soon. I have thought of splitting my blog into 2 different blog sites, one for effectiveness and wealth, the other on health and will also be looking into this to provide more focused content to my readers.

Thanks again and keep the comments coming.