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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Self effectiveness: Time log and effectiveness

Its been some time since I last wrote. In this entry, I'd like to relate my experience with using time log recently. I have been keeping a time log for some time. Time logs are like a journal of the way you used your time. (See my earlier entry on the importance of time log). You have to be able to measure how you use your time before you can improve your usage. Time is a precious commodity that cannot be replenished. So use your time wisely. If you never think about the limited time we all have, think again.

Try this. Take out a monthly calendar from your planner, diary or PDA. Stare long and hard at it. All your available time for the month is on that piece of paper. Every goal you want to achieve, every activity you want to do (or not do), has to be done within the constrains of that piece of paper, no more no less. I repeat. No more no less. No one has more time than others. If you want to achieve your goals, do it now, or plan for it.

I was in the Philippines recently and was stranded at the Manila airport due to a typhoon. There was even a black out at the airport. There was not electricity except for critical functions of the airport. All hallways were pitch dark. Because I have the habit of keeping a time log, I am very conscious of what I need to write into the log. At the airport, I could have just done nothing and relax. I felt uncomfortable because I would not be able to account for my time in the time log. This pushed me to use my time in the dark to complete my work on my laptop until its battery went flat, then I proceeded to use my phone to work on email until that went flat, then I started to do planning for my goals. All in all, I accounted for my time, and it made me feel great that I used it to accomplish important activities that moved me closer to my goals.

This may sound trivial, but this is what goal achievement is about. Make use of your available time. If you think this is trivial, try this. Take out a monthly calendar from your planner, diary or PDA...for last month. Stare long and hard at it. All your available time for last month is on the piece of paper. What did you achieve last month? What did you do last month?

If you don't know, then you have squandered your time away.

Time is ticking away. Don't waste it. You can't save it for a rainy day.

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